And no place better for features made in wood. Below are examples of just some of the work I have carried out.
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Decking can be a very successful way of enhancing those special places in a garden. All weather use can extend the season for sitting out in the evenings ( off the rain soaked grass!). It can solve problems with   difficult levels and surfaces and properly maintained, can be very long lasting.
Many solutions to fencing requirements, especially those for difficult locations, can be provided. Fencing
Workshop The building of a bespoke Garden House, office or workshop can be a very practical and relatively low cost solution to a space problem. They can be fully insulated , and  designed and built to your exact requirements.
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Repairs to garden furniture can be   a very cost effective and practical option as opposed to to buying new .  Sometimes repair is the only option when an item has great sentimental value such as this curved seat .
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Garden Seats
Rose Arch Rose Arches, Well Covers and a good many other things are needed in the garden. I am always pleased to help you decide exactly what is the best solution for your particular need.
Garden Gates sometimes need to be hand built to meet particular requirements of size, security or privacy.
I have made many different types in a variety of different woods.
Tank  An unsightly new oil tank is  shielded from view by putting up a rustic three sided fence. 

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