Repairs to treasured items of furniture are one of the most satisfying aspects of my work, and can bring great joy to my clients.



repaired Chairs
Dining Room Chairs
Although these treasured chairs seemed damaged beyond repair,
with multiple clamping sessions, and careful use of modern adhesives, they are useable once again.
Smashed chair 1  Smashedc1 
Marquetry Repair
Sycamore and Ebony were used to repair this much loved family heirloom. 
Rush Chairs Damaged  delicate rush seated ash chair
Rods of Ash had to be individually turned on the lathe  and then stained an exact match for this rush seated chair.
Repair to upholstered Chair
The original leg was completely smashed and beyond repair. The only option was to faithfully copy the original on the workshop lathe and then mix a stain to make a perfect match.
Tatworth Extensive renovation of an Oak panelled room in a 14th century house in Somerset
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