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For some thirty years I  have been Workshopundertaking a wide range of work in wood, including  the making of individual pieces of furniture to suit a customerís particular requirement. I also restore or repair  cherished broken or damaged pieces. Other projects include the making of bookcases and shelves, some fitted into awkward places within the home, shop and business. Out of doors I install decking and unusual fencing and trellis work  and build garden rooms, offices and workshops.

If it is made from wood I can build it to your specification at an affordable price.

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buttonshelf SPACE SAVING
Many homes and businesses in rural areas, especially in 'listed' properties need  a creative approach to making the most of potential storage and working spaces.
Shelving is often the most effective space saving solution for a variety of needs. Shops, offices homes all need shelves that are strong, good to look at and  designed to make the most of available space.
buttonaroundhouse AROUND THE HOUSE
Appearance and function are the essential elements
for many home requirements, tailored to your specific  needs at an affordable price.
Preserving valued items of furniture from the ravages of time and use is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work. Frequently, a little work done when damage or wear is first noticed can extend the life of a treasured item for many years.
Buttongate IN THE GARDEN
Wood has many uses in making a garden comfortable and practical to use and to maintain. Gates, Decking, Garden seats , Well covers, Summer Houses and Garden Offices & Buildings. Making or repairing in wood  is all part of my service.

Few pleasures can compare with the satisfaction of using an item of furniture made to your exact specification. Tables, Beds, Chairs and many other items can be designed and made to meet your need at reasonable cost.


 For further information contact:
Simon Preston- (M) 07901645224